Local Stitch


2022.05.13 09:54

Hello, Local Stitch members! I’m Local Stitch member Yeji who is Korean language teacher. And I’m currently teaching Korean at EF education first Korea I'm pleased to invite you to [Korean culture session : Drinking culture] Have you ever had a drink with Koreans? It might be very odd to drink with Korean people for the first time because you most probably have never experienced drinking that way before. Drinking culture is an important part of Korean culture. Which means that if you understand drinking culture then you will get to know more about Korean people. You might be curious about all the rules that have to do with it, such as using both hands when you pour drinks for the elders. And also you’re probably wondering how the Korean drinking culture came to be this way. That’s why I organized this Korean culture session to help our international member to adapt Korea better. So Let’s get familiar with Korean culture with me! 🌟This event is made possible by Soolomon X Local Stitch 🌟 Soolomon is Liquor recommendation and pairing platform. 📍 What are we going to talk about? - How to greet in Korean - How Korean shows respect - Do’s & Don’ts when you drink with Korean people 🍾Special session with Soolomon🍾 - History of Korean alcohol beverage - How to enjoy Korean alcohol 📍 Date: 18th May, Wednesday 7pm ~ 9pm 📍 Venue: Local Stitch Seongsan 4F semina room 📍 Fee: FREE 📍 Things to bring : One bottle of Korean alcohol drink that you want to know more about. 🍾 Team Soolomon will explain you about it and let you know how to enjoy the drink! Join us here! -> https://forms.gle/Lw1UryYB3FsVq6By7